In September 2014 the people of Scotland are asked to vote on one question: Should Scotland be an independent nation? The punters of the Speedwell Bar in Dundee think they have independence in the bag. They have a secret weapon: the Lucky Weasel. Legend says that in 1746 the Weasel saved a local soldier at the battle of Culloden – and that if it is returned to the battlefield at the right time, Scotland will be independent once more.

But Fate steps in when the Weasel is stolen just weeks before the referendum. Or, more precisely, the Fates of ancient myth: MOIRA – Death herself – and her sisters DECIMA and NONA. They were exiled to the United Kingdom almost 2,000 years ago by the Romans, who were jealous of their power. Caught in an endless war between themselves for control of Britain, they are once again stepping in to change the destiny of a nation.

Moira and her sisters know the truth behind the legend. It was no accident that the Weasel saved John Gordon’s life at Culloden. He was Moira’s lover and she sent the Weasel in to save him – but in doing so altered the course of history. To reverse the Fate of Scotland in 1746 will require not just the Weasel but also the blood of journalist CATRIONA GORDON, John’s descendant and part of an intrepid band of Speedwell regulars seeking its whereabouts.

With the referendum looming, Moira’s sisters give her a choice. She can kill Catriona in sacrifice alongside the Weasel on the eve of the vote in order to set Scotland free and be reunited with her beloved John. Or she can save Catriona and doom Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom.

Moira knows what she is going to do. She is definitely not going to fall in love again. She’s going to repair the wrong she did in 1746 and set Scotland free. She is going to kill Catriona.

But as she leads the quest to retrieve the Weasel and her feelings for Catriona grow she realizes that even the best laid plans of Fate can go awry.


THE REMOTE PART is Clare’s first novel.

Collapsed on stage all Isla can can hear is the sound of the sea and the pull of the waves on the land. It is time to go home.

Away from the remote island where she grew up, Isla is a successful musician. But she was born in the sea and is heir to a seat on the ancient Island Council. She is the keeper of the souls and has the power to call back the island’s fishing fleet from danger in the wild Atlantic storms. Her dead twin William, on the other hand, was born on the land. And in him—even in death—lies the strength of the wind.

Exhausted, she has returned home to take a break from touring, but once there, the island seduces her. Surrounded by her best friend, her ex-lover, and even William, whose ghost lurks in the shadows, the pull of the sea grows. The Council draws her in, at first with the promise of revealing the truth behind William’s death, and then, when a ship is almost lost, by her sense of duty.

As the autumn storms grow in intensity, a spate of serious accidents hits the community, all of which she knows are linked to the ghost of her twin. To turn her back on the island and the Council would leave them at his mercy, and without her to protect them from the sea, the fishing boats would be left at the mercy of the sea. But to stay would end her career and the life she has built for herself, away from superstitions, dark rituals and ghosts.

And so she stands on the edge between land and sea with her choice. She can turn around, walk away, back to the real world. Or walk in and face the tide, embracing her calling and her past to set the restless shadow of William free and face her grief.

Hops and Dreams: WIP

Clare is scribbling away at a book about Craft Beer, witches and Scotland. All the things she loves in one book.

Research– Clare is also busy with research for a historical novel set in Petrograd during the Russian Revolution of 1917. She feels it’s about time she did something with her degree.